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Oriental & Fine Rug Cleaning - How do we clean rugs better?

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Area Rug Cleaning is performed in the area’s only completely equipped plant. In fact, it is the only one between Santa Barbara and San Jose.

Today at Clean Care™, now Simply Clean Care™ we clean rugs, carpets, drapes, ducts and floors, but when we started cleaning, about 51 years ago, there wasn’t much wall to wall carpeting, just rugs.

Mike West's first job in his father’s plant was on a sizing floor where the starch was replaced on the backs of Axminister and Wilton area rugs. Today they use latex so we don’t have a sizing floor, but the proper cleaning of fine rugs and Orientals still requires the time honored method. We call it the Rugmaster™ System:

  1. Get out all the loose soil - a vacuum won’t do it. We use a Power Duster that can remove up to 10 lbs of soil from a 9 x 12 area rug.
  2. Pretest, to determine color fastness and the best method of cleaning, (some types of rugs may require various dry cleaning processes).
  3. Pretreat to remove spots.
  4. Pick up and delivery is availableHand clean on our wash floor using mild emulsifiers to separate stubborn or ground in soil from the fibers
  5. Rinse thoroughly to remove soil and emulsifier from front and back using a 16 foot Mor Automatic Rug Washer.
  6. Remove excess moisture using a 16 foot wringer on the Mor machine.
  7. Dry overnight in our humidity controlled 40 pole dry room to avoid mold, souring, browning and other symptoms of slow drying.
  8. Add the finishing touches, grooming, fringes, repairs, Scotchgard ®, Moth Treatment, etc.

This simply can’t be done in your home, or someone’s garage or driveway, even with powerful truck mounted machines. Prices include pick-up and delivery or bring in your rug and save 25%! Please visit and we’ll be happy to give you a tour.

Pick up and delivery is available or save 25% on cash and carry.

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