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Upholstery cleaning is availablehttp://www.iicrc.orgWe adhere to the Standards of the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) which are recognized by all of the major manufacturers and fiber producers. Mike West is a Past President and has instructed and certified technicians for over 30 years. We offer all of the major systems to satisfy every need. Our Technicians are all IICRC Certified.

Dry Care™ - Surface Cleaning, Quick Drying - Our version of "Bonnet Dry Cleaning". We use a Pre-treat, Cleaning Bonnet, Absorbent Bonnet sequence. This is a surface cleaning system used by numerous franchises and residential cleaners more interested in a quick, easy, inexpensive system which uses a minimum of equipment and training to give a reasonable appearance and quick drying. It gives a good appearance if the carpet isn’t too soiled since it is essentially polishing the top of the carpet. It is most effective on short loop commercial carpet and is best used for interim/maintenance type cleaning. Analogy: Put shampoo on your hair, work it in, and towel it off, without rinsing!

Hydra Care™ - Deep Thorough Cleaning - Our version of "Hot Water Extraction" cleaning also known as Steam Cleaning". We use the best self contained (we don’t use your electricity or water) truck-mounted equipment worth $50,000+. This system pre-treats and then rinse extracts the carpet with a vacuum capable of 210" of water lift and 200 CFM of air movement to prevent any possibility of over wetting. This is the method recommended by most manufacturers because it rinses and removes the suspended soil and emulsifiers. It is an effective restorative cleaning process on almost all carpets. Analogy: Put shampoo on your hair, work it in, rinse it out, and vacuum your hair to dry.

Hy 'N Dry™ - Deep Thorough Cleaning, Quick Drying - Our exclusive combination of Hydra Care and Dry Care. This gives the best combination of soil removal and quick drying. It takes a little more time, but the additional step of using the cotton bonnet to absorb any extra moisture or residue missed by the vacuuming pays big dividends in quick drying and even appearance. This is our recommended system for the best cleaning! Analogy: Put shampoo on your hair, work it in, rinse it out, vacuum it out, and towel it dry.

Traffic Lane Cleaning – Often, the only area that needs cleaning is where the carpet is walked on. We offer special pricing on traffic/open area cleaning. This is an economical way to keep your carpets always looking good. Many of our clients extend the time between full cleanings by having the traffic lanes done every 6-12 months.

Rain Insurance™ – During the rainy season some consumers hesitate to clean their carpets even though they really need cleaning. They are afraid that they might resoil in the traffic areas because of wet tracked in soil. This is not only creates an unsightly situation but ground in soil can damage carpet fibers. To encourage cleaning during February, March and April we offer Rain Insurance™ on whole room cleaning. We issue a certificate that allows cleaning of all of the traffic areas in the rooms cleaned for half of our normal minimum after the rain stops in June or July.

Scotchgard® or Teflon® - These are fluorochemical treatments which are applied by most manufacturers to help carpets resist soil and stains and stay cleaner longer. While they are not removed during the cleaning process, they will walk or abrade off in the traffic areas. They should be reapplied to keep the fiber protection at its highest level and to allow the carpets to soil less quickly. This is performed after the cleaning process while the carpets are still damp to allow maximum spread and adhesion.

Continuous Clean Care™ - For residential or commercial, this is our exclusive program which creates a customized maintenance plan to keep your carpets clean and attractive year round. It usually involves an initial restorative whole area cleaning with Scotchgard® followed by periodic traffic lane interim cleaning and then a thorough whole area cleaning at the end of the period, usually 24 months. It is set up as a contract and billed over the period of service to spread the cost over the entire period.

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